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What Is LoanHub


It’s a new financial company licensed in Ghana as a means through which individuals in need of financial assistance are sorted out by a written agreement between the individual and the company

Why should You Choose LoanHub

Security measures are put in place to protect your confirmed personal information from hackers who intend to use your account for criminal acts.

ie. Loan Tenure ranges from 180 to 365 days
Loan Amount:GHS 1,000—GHS10,000
APR: Annual Percentage Rate is 10%(lowest)~20%(highest)
Service charge: 0%

If a customer borrows Ghc1000 for 200 days,the Annual representative rate is 18%.
So the daily interest rate=18%/365=0.049%, the interest for 200 days =Ghc 1000×18%/365×200= Ghc98, the totally repayment= Ghc1000+Ghc98= Ghc1098

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To be Able to successfully get a loan from LoanHub there are necessary requirements which must be met;

1. A registered Ghanaian resident
2. The individual must be between the ages of 21 to 60
3. Must Have a secured monthly source of income
4. Use of the correct personal information during loan application

How To Get Started

1. Click Download
to install the LoanHub online mobile application

2. After the application has successfully been installed and Launched a window will pop up for you to read through the company’s policy click on agree after you are done reading

Privacy policy

3.On the Next Page You Would Be required to log into your account if you are already a member or sign up for a new account if it’s your first time applying, As a new user click on Get Started

4.On the next page you will be required to input your phone number to start the verification process

5. After Your Mobile Number has been captured a Message containing a One Time Verification code (OTP) will be sent to verify the account and Choose a new password of your own choice

6. The next step is to authenticate your account by Filling Your personal details into the required spaces ie. ID Type, Photo, First Name, Last name, Sex, Date of birth, ID number etc.

7. After your credentials has been validated select your loan amount and wait as it’s been disbursed into your account

Contact Details

Working hours: Monday to Saturday 8:30am — 5pm
Address: 13 Switchback Rd, Accra, Ghana


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