How To Get A Loan Of Ghc5,000 From SikaKasa


Lack of capital to increase the productivity of businesses has led to the shutting down of a lot of private companies or even governmental organizations, Are you facing financial problems to increase your product productivity? Cry No More In Today’s Article Am Going To Tell You more about a newly launched loan agency named SikaKasa, they give the opportunity for applicants to request up to Ghc5,000 whiles sitting at their conform zones.

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SikaKasa Online Registration


SikaKasa Is An Online Money Lending Organization that’s provide convinient, secure and fast loans to creditworthy individuals in Ghana Of Up to Ghc5,000 just by using their online application.


To Be Successfully Accepted And Offered SikaKasa Loan Follow These Simple Process:

  • Click Here to Download the app from Google play store


  • After the app has successfully been installed on your Device Launch it


  • Next thing to do is to agree to all the permissions of the application


  • After that Input Your phone number in the given box below to complete your account creation

sikakasa verification form

  • After Successfully Creating An Account You will be prompted to make All your details available before applying for a loan eg.ID Type, Bank Details etcprivacy policy


  • On the next page you will be requested to fill in the blank boxes with your personal details
  1. FirstName
  2. Middlename
  3. Lastname
  4. ID TYPE
  5. ID Number
  6. Bank or mobile money details
  • After inputting all the necessary details tap Submit

personal details

Wait whiles your loan is processed within 24hours and disbursed into your bank or momo account.



  1. It’s one of the best because it’s easily to operate
  2. The amount can be increased rapidly within a short period of time
  3. It gives customers the opportunity to have different methods of repayments
  4. Amount offered : Ghc100–Ghc5,000.
  5. Tenure: 91–121days.
  6. Loan interest: from 7.15% to 20.08% per annum.
  7. Service rate: From 0 to 1.1%



If you apply for a loan of Ghc 500 the tenure is 100 days equivalent to 3months,
annual interest rate is 7.3% and service rate is 0.5%.
So to get the daily interest rate, the annual interest is divided by 365 =7.3/365=0.02

The interest for 100 days =500×7.3/365×100= 10

The service rate=500×0.5%=2.5
The totally repayment=5,00+10+2.5= 512.5


1.Loan is only eligible to Ghanaian residents
2.Have a source of income
3. Applicant Must be between the ages of 18-60



If you have any questions;

Email Address:

Customer Hotline:  +233 570000838
Address: Brenya Ln, Tesano-Accra



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