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Private Soldier Arrested For Snatching Ghc23,000 From A Civilian

A Private soldier Asare Boateng has been arrested by the Kwasimintim Police command in Takoradi for seizing a huge amount of Ghc23,000 from a civilian and running with it.

Private Soldier

A report indicated that the soldier, met two civilians, Samuel Fyreson and Baba Musah at Elmina in the Central Region.

Private Boateng commanded Samuel Fyreson to take off the camouflage trousers he was wearing, Samuel who was in fear fled leaving behind the bag containing the said amount with Baba Musah.

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Private Boateng with force took the bag and sped off in a Mitsubishi Pajaro vehicle.

Samuel Arthur Junior, who was the owner of the money was quickly called and informed what had happened with the money he sent to be deposited in his Bank account.

Samuel Arthur, upon hearing about the incident, hired a taxi with which he chased after Private Boateng.

The pajaro was chased to Takoradi, where Samuel Arthur Junior called for military police assistance in retrieving his money from Private Asare.

The suspect upon interrogation said he was a bandsman at the 1st Regiment in Accra.

A total amount of Ghc10,000 was retrieved from the suspect, who claimed that it was the exact amount in the bag he seized.



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